Personalized Skincare with Artistry Signature Select Masks

2019.10.30 - 

A collection of experiential masks, infused with Nutrilite sourced phytonutrients, to bring visibly more beautiful skin.

One mask does not fit all, even when it comes to masking areas of the same face. Artistry Signature Select™ Masks solves multiple skincare needs at once with five highly experiential masks that target specific concerns with more than one mask on different zones of the face. Each mask formula features an exclusive Nutrilite™-sourced phytonutrients, such as Pomegranate, Black Currant, Citrus, White Chia Seed or Green Tea Extract, and is perfected by Artistry™ skincare experts with colors, textures and fragrances that delight the senses. Masking is the perfect way to pamper skin for spend 7 minutes – and Artistry Signature Select™ Masks make the experience enjoyable, effective, and personalized.


Whether skin needs hydration, firming, purifying, brightening, polishing, or a combination of them all, every customer can create their own customized masking mix depending on personal skin needs. Multi-masking uses multiple masks on different face zones at once, or as part of a multi-day routine. Artistry Signature Select™ Masks are formulated to address different skin concerns on the face, like an oily T-zone, dry cheeks, or sagging around the jawline. 

Artistry Signature Select™ Masks are highly experiential with fragrances, colors and textures that not only make masking fun, but also exfoliate, infuse and cleanse for amazing skin,” says Kelli Templeton, Global Beauty Brand Vice President. “Plus, each mask has a key ingredient sourced from our very own Nutrilite™ farms.” 

Peolpe can create well over 25 multi-masking combinations for their unique needs with these five unique Artistry Signature Select™ Masks:

Artistry Signature Select™ Hydrating Mask (Green) gives dry, tight or uncomfortable skin a mega-moisture-infusion. Featuring antioxidant-rich Nutrilite™-sourced Green Tea Extract, the soft, smooth soufflé cream formula floats over skin, infusing deep and lasting moisture wherever it touches for a hydrated feeling that lasts all day.

Artistry Signature Select™ Brightening Mask (White) gives dull, lifeless skin new radiance and energy. The glossy white formula features Nutrilite™-sourced White Chia Seed Extract with Natural Loofah Grains and Jojoba Beads that starts brightening on contact. Skin looks wide awake and lit from within with a more even skin tone and luminous new vitality. 

Artistry Signature Select™ Purifying Mask (Yellow) comes to the rescue for skin that craves a deep clean and pores that need a purge. The dense clay mask deeply cleanses skin and pores, while drawing out impurities with French Clay, Oatmeal, and Nutrilite™-sourced Citrus Extract. Skin is less shiny, the T-zone looks less oily and pores become less visible, leaving skin noticeably clearer.

Artistry Signature Select™ Firming Mask (Red) gives sagging, lose or undernourished skin a “power tune up”. With Nutrilite™-sourced Pomegranate Extract Warming Technology, the formula goes from a cool, red translucent gel to a creamy white on your skin—with a delightful warming sensation for firmer, revitalized, and nourished skin. 

Artistry Signature Select™ Polishing Mask (Purple) takes skin from rough and flaky to smooth and refreshed. Natural Sugar Cane crystals gently buff away dead, dull skin cells and Nutrilite™-sourced Black Currant Extract helps leave skin feeling soft and nourished after every use. 

Relax. Rinse. Glow.

People can create their own 7 minute spa treatment anytime with Artistry Signature Select ™ Masks recipes or a customized treatment they choose. Simply apply the appropriate mask with care exactly where desired—all over the face or in specific zones targeting multiple different skin concerns – wait 7 minutes, and rinse with warm water.







About the Artistry™ Brand 

Artistry™ is the world’s #1 direct selling premium beauty brand.* Founded in 1958 by an entrepreneurial husband and wife team, the Artistry™ portfolio features skincare, makeup, and holistic beauty solutions that are infused with nature, perfected by science, and personalized for each woman’s individual needs. Exclusive formulations reflect the global research, development, and quality assurance conducted by a network of more than 900 scientists and international skin health doctors from leading universities. The brand has analyzed over 32,000 faces from all over the world to develop product solutions based on each woman’s unique skin needs. Artistry™ products are sold through Amway Business Owners in more than 50 countries and territories worldwide.

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