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Let’s celebrate 70 years of a revolutionary journey!

2018.10.26 - 

This year marks the 70th anniversary of NUTRILITE Double X, and that means 70 years of a power-packed supplement rooted in nature.

Many years ago in North America, Carl F. Rehnborg introduced a food supplement to the market that contained a unique combination of nature and science.

Carl had a deep understanding of the importance of nutrition, health and lifestyle to our overall wellbeing, and he believed it could be greatly improved through the power of plant-based nutrients.

In 1948, intensive research led to the development of the top-quality food supplement NUTRILITE Double X, which revolutionised health and wellbeing solutions with its unique blend of multivitamins, minerals and phytonutrients. And it didn’t take long before it became the core product of the NUTRILITE food supplement brand.


Here and now – Did you know?

We now still benefit from this revolution. Since its launch, Double X has continued to meet our ever-changing needs. This is one of the reasons why it remains the number-one-selling multivitamin and multimineral, with phytonutrients from five phytonutrient colour groups.*

The advanced formulation is packed full with 13 essential vitamins and 10 essential minerals, as well as fruit, vegetable and herb concentrates. These key ingredients work together to fill nutrient gaps in a daily diet and support a healthy body.

Double X provides a range of benefits for anyone needing an extra nutritional boost during stressful life phases or sporting events, or during winter when energy levels may be low.


Back to nature

For today’s consumers, who are generally keen to know where the ingredients in food supplements come from, there are even more reasons to celebrate this specialist approach. Not only are the plant extracts used to create the food supplements sustainable, but the plants themselves are even grown, harvested and processed on certified sustainable Nutrilite farms.

Sustainable farming methods ensure crops get the vital nutrients needed to create high-quality products. The farms harness the power of natural food chains, letting nature control nature, thereby avoiding the use of harmful synthetic pesticides and herbicides.



Where nature meets science

Sometimes, nature needs a little helping hand so that it can provide us with the very best it has to offer. Our long-term commitment is to use nature and science together in perfect harmony to ensure that products like Double X provide the optimum results. Once harvested and processed, ingredients are inspected by Nutrilite scientists through a number of tests, ensuring that we harness the power of science to maximise the beneficial properties of plants. This valuable scientific expertise is the key to our ongoing research and product development.

We combine the best from the past and the present to show that the future belongs to Double X.


* Source: Euromonitor International Limited; retail value in RSP terms; all channels, 2016

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