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Soup for the soul

2018.11.05 - 
Important takeaways from the global diet phenomenon of “souping”

While you were sleeping, a hot new diet trend rippled through the world, earning itself a fanbase of loyal enthusiasts. However, the concept behind “souping”, which has been hailed as the new “juicing”, is not as novel as it might initially sound.

In fact, Bodykey by NUTRILITE has known about the benefits of soups for quite some time.

Here’s what you need to know to indulge your senses (and help your waistline):

What is souping? And why is it so great?

Other than a noun turned into a verb, “souping” is the dieting practice of replacing some (if not all) meals with soup. While the great taste and nutritional properties of a hearty soup were never much of a mystery, recent studies suggest that it might play a role in helping with appetite control.

Researchers found that when food was mixed with water – aka, made into soup – it spent more time in the stomach than a solid meal consumed with water.

As a result, when you eat soup, you’re likely to feel fuller for longer, and not as likely to give in to unhealthy snacking behaviours.

Everything in moderation

You’ve undoubtedly heard this line before but, like all good adages, it’s true.

While replacing all meals with soup is probably not ideal over the long term, including it in your diet definitely has advantages.

What could be better than a steamy Champignon with Parsley Bodykey soup when the weather turns cold? Not only does each serving provide one-third of the recommended daily intake of vitamins and minerals, and support normal body functions, but it’s also easy and super tasty.

Good taste

Appetite control

Why not take the research to heart and supplement the soups with a little something extra to help curb cravings? One sachet of NUTRILITE Appetite Controller, mixed with water and consumed three times a day before a meal, is a gentle way to make yourself feel full and avoid overindulging.

The combination could be just the kickstart you need to get on a more effective weight management track!

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