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Power of 5: announcing more capacity!

2018.10.30 - 

More than 60,000 children joined the Power of 5 program in 2018.

Forecasts indicate that we’re on track to add another 100,000 in 2019. Obviously, more Nutrilite Little Bits will certainly be needed to reach our goal of supporting 500,000 children.

So we expanded our capacity – by nearly 400 percent

Earlier this month, Amway officially opened a new packaging machine for Nutrilite Little Bits.

This was made possible by the hard work of more than 100 people from across the organization.

This new machine, located at World Headquarters in Ada, Michigan, US, features advanced technology, like collaborative robots that work with people to improve efficiency.

We’re also expanding the program to new countries in 2019 and you may notice some changes.

This is being done to help fight childhood malnutrition and promote health and wellness in different ways, according to regional regulations, needs and opportunities.

In addition to Nutrilite Little Bits, the Power of 5 Campaign provides a range of programs to help families and communities, as well as malnourished children, including nutrition education, skills training, supplemental food and monitoring/evaluation of children’s growth.

These programs are tailored by our partners to help meet the needs of the community and comply with local law.

In the future, the Power of 5 will continue to offer these programs and may be using other solutions to help improve community health and wellness.

India, Thailand, Korea and others will be served by this expanded program.

Stay tuned for additional details!


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