Keep strong this season

2018.12.28 - 

Don’t let the holidays interrupt your weight management goals!

The festive season is approaching and we’re looking forward to the celebrations with our loved ones.

The potential downside of such get-togethers is the temptation to indulge in tasty seasonal foods being put before us.

The British Nutrition Foundation states, “We can eat a staggering 6,000 kcal (25,104 kJ) on Christmas day … that’s three times the recommended daily intake for women and over two times for men.”

Not everyone celebrates Christmas, but holiday seasons, in general, can upset our weight management.

A few key tips can help prevent us from unwittingly piling on the pounds.

  1. Drink a glass of water before you commence eating. This will help you feel full more quickly, meaning you will be less tempted to overeat.
  2. Ask the party host to serve you smaller portions – otherwise, resist consuming everything on your plate. Control portions of certain foods, for instance, don’t eat more than two roast potatoes. Alternatively, skip one or two of the courses – especially a calorie-laden dessert.
  3. If the evening meal format is a buffet, choose a smaller plate or fill your plate mostly with salads or vegetables – and avoid any dressings or sauces, which contain large quantities of fat, sugar and salt.
  4. Take along a huge bowl of healthy salad to the party to ensure there’ll be a low-calorie alternative to any heavy foods on offer.
  5. Avoid consuming soft drinks, which are loaded with sugar, and go easy on alcoholic beverages.


Keep active

It’s tempting to give in to the sluggish feeling that follows a drawn-out feast. A gentle walk to aid digestion peps up your energy levels.

Increasing the time, however, will support your goals more effectively: a 30-minute brisk walk uses up 200 calories for the average person, according to Harvard Health research.

Set up some lively family games or even put on some music and get dancing in your living room.

This will benefit everyone much more than slumping in front of a TV for several hours.


All under control

Maintaining a more slender silhouette is made much easier thanks to a key product launched last year. NUTRILITE™Appetite Controller comes in handy sachets, which can be mixed with either water or juice. Take it before each meal and, thanks to the natural fermentable dietary fiber, you will notice you feel satisfied sooner at the dining table.


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