Discover the luck of red with the new Artistry Studio Shanghai Edition

2020.10.02 - 

Artistry Studio has traveled to NYC, Paris, Bangkok and Tokyo… and now it’s time to make way for the magic of Shanghai!

In the largest city in China, the past and future are woven together for a mystical beauty that is truly unique to Shanghai.

The latest collection inspired by this magical city features majestic reds, opulent silks and vibrant fashions encapsulating Shanghai’s yin-yang, East-meets-West spirit.

This edition’s packaging artist is Cui Meng who has illustrated for many well-known fashion magazines, artfully designed event spaces and has her own creative design company, Chief of Studio.

She considers it an honor to showcase China and Shanghai on the Artistry Studio’s product and packaging describing Shanghai as “gorgeous”, “fashionable”, “diverse”, and “dynamic.”

What can you expect from this collection? Prepare to be transformed with bold hued eye & cheek palettes, silky textured primers, alluring red lip colors, and fruity and floral rollerballs and hand creams!

Stay tuned! 


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