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Discover our Farms: Trout Lake East

2018.10.25 - 

At Amway-owned Trout Lake East Farm in the U.S. state of Washington, timing is everything.

Timing of harvesting can mean the difference between a powerful botanical and a pretty plant.

Timing of processing can mean the difference between a load of freshly harvested herbs and a steaming pile of compost.

Time is of the essence to preserve the quality of the product,” said Phil Hintz, manager of the certified organic farm, which grows more than a dozen varieties of herbs and botanicals for Nutrilite products sold by Amway.

Knowing that every minute counts, Hintz and his team were excited when the Nutrilite Botanical Concentrate Manufacturing Facility recently opened in nearby Quincy. The new facility cut the time between harvesting and processing Echinacea purpura by more than three hours.

From the time the truck starts loading in the field, until the time the Echinacea starts the juicing process in Quincy, is about 45 to 60 minutes,” he said. “This would not be possible without the close proximity of the Nutrilite Botanical Concentrate Manufacturing Facility.”

The sooner the plants are processed after harvesting, the higher the quality of the resulting product. “Microorganisms, which cause degradation of the plant, can double every 20 minutes,” Hintz said. “So once the product is chopped, degradation starts immediately.

Another significant benefit of the new facility is a streamlined supply chain – less transportation and more technical efficiencies. And that is good news for consumers, Hintz said.

It allows direct shipment of plant concentrates to our nutritional product manufacturing operations, including facilities in California, China and India,” Hintz said. “And that means faster delivery of products.



Our Trout Lake East farm is located on 350 hectares (866 acres) in central Washington, United States, near the town of Ephrata.


At Trout Lake East farm, ensuring purity of Nutrilite ingredients starts with the water.

Our water comes from the pristine Columbia River Basin. Even more impressive, our root washing station taps into prehistoric water deposited underground during the ice age.

Our soil? That’s pure, too. It’s been certified organic for the last 20 years with records detailing everything that has gone into it.

GPS-controlled tractors and implement guidance systems till and control weeds less than one inch from the crop. No synthetic herbicides needed!



Offering the safest products possible starts with the soil.

The 3,000 tons of compost we use each year is custom made to our specifications – free from pesticide residue or other contaminants.

We get into the details, too. We have maps of every field showing exactly what part of each lot was weeded and harvested on what date, by whom and with what equipment.

Our root-washing station includes proprietary equipment that combines forced air and a vacuum to remove the “sticky water” that remains on the roots after washing. This helps prevent the growth of microbes.



At Trout Lake West we use certified organic seeds that research has proven will produce plants with high levels of key ingredients needed for products that work, and work well. We support the plant’s nutrient level with rich soil and high organic matter content, all thanks to Mt. Adams – a now inactive volcano, bordering our farm.

Last – but not least – is timing. Upon harvest, a plant’s nutrients begin to degrade, so we get the crops from the field to the dryer in just 20 minutes, preserving the key ingredients.

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