Busy life? Why you should try vitamin b to fight fatigue

2018.10.26 - 

Low on energy? Especially on crazy days, the last thing you want to deal with is feeling sluggish. But you’re not alone.


You may have a nutrient gap

Busy adults often don’t get all the necessary nutrients from their diets, such as B vitamins.

Did you know that when people don’t get the needed levels of B vitamins from the foods they eat, fatigue can set in? Especially for those on restricted diets like vegetarians or calorie-restricted diets, it can be difficult to get the right combination and amount of B vitamins from diet alone.


Facts about B vitamins

  • There are eight essential B vitamins
  • Vitamin B is not typically found in plants at very high levels
  • B vitamins are water-soluble nutrients that aren’t stored in the body long term and must be replenished daily

Be proactive about nutrition

“To be at your best from the beginning of the day to the end, the time to block fatigue is before it begins,” said Kevin Gellenbeck, Ph.D., a senior principal research scientist at Amway.

“A great way to support your natural energy needs is to make sure you’re eating a healthy breakfast and that your body is getting a steady supply of all the essential B vitamins throughout the day.”

A vitamin B supplement can deliver essential B vitamins your body needs to unlock energy from food and to help fight fatigue before it begins.


Why slow release matters when taking B vitamins

When it comes to B vitamins, consider supplements that provide a steady release of nutrients over a period of time. This allows for more efficient absorption of many B vitamins and limits the waste that happens when large doses are taken at one time.

Bonus: This technique is also gentler on the stomach!


An easy way to get all 8 essential B vitamins

A bi-layer tablet packed with all eight essential B vitamins, the Nutrilite Vitamin B Dual-Action supplement combines instant and extended release technologies that allow for efficient absorption of all nutrients. Instant release of two B vitamins, along with slow, gentle release of the other six, optimizes absorption of all eight B vitamins.


Fight fatigue with vitamin B

So for those crazy days, don’t fight to stay productive. With the right foods and some planning, you can help ensure a consistent level of beneficial B vitamins throughout your day!


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