Build lean muscle mass with XS Amino Advantage!

2020.09.02 - 

Our exciting product, XS Amino Advantage, fuels your active lifestyle so that you can experience more!

The tasty supplement provides you with all nine essential amino acids (EAAs) – the building blocks of protein that your body cannot produce by itself and will use to create the proteins it needs to maintain muscle mass.

Benefits of XS Amino Advantage

XS Amino Advantage is composed of a clean formula that contains no caffeine or stimulants, meaning it is an ideal supplement, regardless of whether you work out in the morning, midday, afternoon or in the evening. Enjoy this sugar-, gluten- and lactose-free sports drink and reap the benefits of an optimal combination of all nine EAAs.

XS Amino Advantage was developed by Dr Robert Wolfe, one of the world’s leading experts on Essential Amino Acids and protein synthesis. XS™ Amino Advantage supplement contains the exact composition and ratios of all 9 essential amino acids that Dr Wolfe has discovered to be effective at facilitating lean muscle growth.

The formula is absorbed almost immediately and is very easy to digest. Every calorie is carefully considered – no more than what you need. The wild berry flavour perfectly complements your active lifestyle and is easy to integrate into your existing XS Sports Nutrition regime.


How to MaXSmise your Amino Advantage

Consuming XS Amino Advantage before you have a regular breakfast is ideal, making the early morning a great time to have a serving for an active kick-start to your day. Spring out of bed, replenish your body with EAAs after your overnight fast and give your muscles the fuel they need to go for a run around the park or do some squats and push-ups in your living room.

Depending on your body weight, XS Amino Advantage should be taken once or twice a day. This means another glass around your exercise routine (before, during or after) or in between meals, which is another prime time to supply your body with amino acids. Complement it with your other XS Sports Nutrition products, for instance, by taking the XS Pre-Workout Drink before exercising, the XS Electrolyte Drink during your workout and the XS Hydrolyzed Whey Protein Powder afterwards. Finish off the day with XS Amino Advantage to provide extra support for your lean muscles during the night.

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