365 days of summer with the brand-new ARTISTRY STUDIO Los Angeles Edition

2021.03.25 - 

Take a trip to the home of healthy living with ARTISTRY STUDIO Los Angeles Edition and bring out your natural glow.

The ARTISTRY STUDIO world tour has already taken you to the ancient temples of Bangkok, the buzzing streets of Tokyo and the heart of dazzling Shanghai – now it’s time to get inspired by the sun, Pacific waves and star-studded glamour of Los Angeles. The Californian make-up look is all about highlighting natural beauty and pursuing a love of healthy living. Nourish your skin with the natural ingredients from the new ARTISTRY STUDIO collection and prepare to glow – the L.A. way!


There’s only one L.A.

Ah, Los Angeles. More than 46 kilometres of stunning coastline, stretching from Malibu to Long Beach, dotted with some of the world’s most iconic surf spots and landmarks, including Santa Monica Pier and Muscle Beach. Take a stroll in the area and you’ll see locals running, surfing or doing outdoor yoga – and looking effortlessly fresh and beautiful to boot. With almost 700 km of bikeways, countless hiking trails, the San Gabriel mountain range, and almost 300 sunny days a year, it’s no wonder L.A. residents embrace an active outdoor lifestyle.

But what makes Los Angeles truly sensational is the way its invigorating outdoor atmosphere is matched by Hollywood glitz and glam. It is, after all, the entertainment capital of the world! Luckily, stardom isn’t restricted to celebrities. In Los Angeles terms, being a star is all about embracing your own style – be it bohemian charm, sporty chic or natural glamour – while leading a full life and doing the things you love.


Your own dazzling L.A. makeover

You don’t need to cross the ocean to get some California vibes. Here are two great ways you can embody the glow and sparkle of a sun-kissed, beach-going L.A. resident. Let the home of healthy living be your inspiration!


Californian sun-kissed perfection

The natural makeup products from ARTISTRY STUDIO Los Angeles Edition will help you achieve healthy-looking and glowing skin and distinctive contours. Your eyes will look like L.A. sand and sunsets, and your lips will look silky and sensuous. Natural ingredients including coconut oil, shea butter and mango seed butter will nourish your skin, refresh your face like a Pacific Coast wave and allow you to shine like a Hollywood star.

How to get the look: 
Start your day with a shower and choose between the nourishing Pacific Sunset or the exfoliating Pacific Wave Body Bars.
Opt for the NYC Lash Boosting Mascara and Pacific Proof Brow Perfectors for long-lasting, sweat-proof wear, and light up your eyes with a Pacific Proof Eyeshadow Cream in L.A. Sand to give them a radiant finish.
Give your lips a luscious sheen with the Lights, Camera, Lip Oil Gloss in Pacific Coral and use the 2-in-1 Lights, Camera, Face Stick to give your skin a healthy-looking glow.
Whether you’re after an effortless, sun-kissed look for the day or a more glamorous evening visage, the new range has you covered.
Try your own combination and bring out your inner L.A. star!


Get active!

The Los Angeles lifestyle (and ultimate beauty secret) involves getting outside and keeping active. But rather than just going for a walk, why not try something new? Whether surfing, mountain biking or yoga, a new outdoor activity will rejuvenate both your mind and body. Taking a dip in fresh water is also a great way to give yourself a boost (just make sure you’re wearing a waterproof eyebrow perfector!). Swimming in cold water has been shown to boost your immune system, activate endorphins to give you a natural high, burn calories, improve circulation and reduce stress.

So, find the nearest lake, river or ocean and jump right in the L.A. way!


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